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Organic Cocoa Powder

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Dukan Diet Cocoa Powder is 100% organic and is made from the best quality of cocoa.  Dukan Diet 100% Organic Cocoa Powder from Dominican Republic has been rigorously selected for its highest quality, as it made from the Trinitario bean, which is a mixture of the Criollo and the Forastero.  It’s organic and Kosher certified.  Our cocoa powder is not only of good quality, but it also tastes delicious.  

All chocolate is made from cacao beans.  After a cocoa bean has been fermented, roasted and ground, it is then pressed into cocoa powder.


  • Low amount of fat and no sugar added
  • Can be added to your oat bran pancakes, muffins, cookies, cakes and yogurts.  You even can make your own chocolate spread!
  • Helps fight your sugar cravings
  • Gluten Free & Kosher


100% Organic Cocoa Powder made from the Trinitario Bean, one of the richest variety of cocoa beans.

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