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Shirataki Rice - 6 pack



Dukan Diet Shirataki Rice - 6 pack - Any Phase - Unlimited!  

  • Health & Weight Loss Benefits of Eating Shirataki Rice
  • Zero calorie, no carb rice 
  • Makes you feel full 
  • Natural source of glucomannan (fiber) 
  • Gluten free 
  • Soy free    

How should I prepare Shirataki Rice?

When you first open the Shirataki Rice pouch, it may smell a bit fishy, but that is normal.  Just rinse the Shirataki Rice in a sieve/colander under cold water for a few minutes, and pat dry with a paper towel or allow 5 minutes to air dry.  Then add your favorite sauces or spices to make your meals. 

Shirataki Rice can be used to make: 

  • Risotto  
  • Bubble tea  
  • Sushi and nori rolls  
  • Soups like chicken or minestrone 
  • Rice pudding

Ingredients: Purified Water, Yam Flour, Hydrated Lime.

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