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Spinach Fettuccine Shirataki - 6 Pack



Dukan Diet Spinach Fettuccine Shirataki Noodles - Any Phase - Unlimited! 

Dukan Diet Shirataki Spinach Fettuccine Noodles are a healthy way to conquer your pasta cravings. These fat-free, gluten-free noodles have only 15 calories per serving and can replace regular noodles in your favorite pasta dishes. Combine these noodles with any Dukan Diet approved foods to make a stir-fry, soup or mix with a sauce of your choice.

What make Spinach Fettuccine Shirataki Noodles your best ally to lose weight?

  • Taste great, and can be combined with many sauces 
  • Effective food to compliment a diet (makes you full) 
  • Shirataki noodles have excellent health benefits 
  • For the whole family, and are affordable for every budget! 


Though Shirataki Noodles are getting more and more popular in the USA, most of us never heard nor tasted Shirataki noodles. Therefore, there is some basic information to know. When opening the Shirataki Noodle pouch, it may smell a bit fishy, so it is important to know how to prepare them (because they really taste great!):   Drain the package Rinse thoroughly in a strainer for 1 minute Use them as you would regular cooked noodles (Stir-fry, soup, or mix with a sauce of your choice) 

Marinating Shirataki noodles in a sauce (e.g. tomato based sauce) overnight will soften them, giving you more of a pasta-like texture.  Our Noodles do not need to be refrigerated.  However, to extend their shelf life, you can put them in your fridge and still eat them up to 2 months after the expiration date. 

Ingredients: Purified Water, Yam Flour, Spinach Powder and Hydrated Lime.

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