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SPECIAL OFFER: 1 FREE box of our Multiseed Hibiscus Cookies with your purchase. NO MINIMUM!   AUTOMATICALLY ADDED TO YOUR ORDER


Our Multiseed Hibiscus Cookies will expire fairly soon (in January 2018). The products are still good to eat after that date. But we can't sell them after the expiration date.
The good news for you is that we need to get this additional stock off the shelves as quickly as possible in the next few days!

That is why we decided to do a 40% OFF Sale where you can purchase any amount of these cookies. But we are also now adding one box to your order! So if you're looking to take advantage of this deal and know that you'll eat the product that you ordered within 4 weeks of receiving them—or you don't mind eating them after the expiration date, this special deal is for you!

If you only want one box no need to add it to your cart, the FREE BOX IS AUTOMATICALLY ADDED TO YOUR ORDER!